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May 2007  

Alex&Chelsi + Zaylor = True Love 4Evr

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Hate This Place - Prologue
 hate_thisplace - (creativitys_end)
06:59pm 02/05/2007
chelsi...with an i posting in Hate This Place
PrologueCollapse )

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 hate_thisplace - (creativitys_end)
09:23pm 01/05/2007
chelsi...with an i posting in Hate This Place
Welcome to Hate This Place, the newest creation of scarabeo and creativitys_end.

My name (creativitys_end) is Chelsi, and scarabeo is Alex. She will be taking care of Taylor's point of view, while I take on Zac's perspective in this amazing story of love and acceptance.

Before you dive in, please take the time to check out the user info. It is all very basic, but it would be wise to revisit it just as a refresher course.

All chapters will be friends locked, so please join the community to see the posts. And comment! Comment, comment, comment! We'll love you forever if you do.

NOTE: We are doing this a little differently. Because there are two perspectives, there will be two entries per update, so be sure you catch both of them. For easy navigation, check the post at the top of the page. It wouldn't stay. *sad face* Check the memories for the chapters.
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